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Djouce Mountain Hike

Djouce Mountain Hike in the Wicklow Mountains – a great mountain range for me when I started developing my navigation skills. 

It is a great mountain to enjoy if you have intermediate navigation skills. I have also used this mountain many times when I’m training for altitude.

The mountain is situated in a nice range of other mountains that gives you the opportunity to develop your navigation skills to the next level.  As I knew Djouce Mountain really well, I felt it was the right spot to venture further and my first stop was War Hill!

Start in Crone car park.  I would recommend getting in before 10am as the car park gets really busy especially during the summer time.  There is a lovely little coffee truck there now as well.

At a height of 725metres the trek to Djouce is not marked so navigation experience, map and compass is a necessity.  From there, I trekked over to War Hill before then returning back to Djouce and descending back to Crone Car Park.  At our leisure it took 1.5 hours to the summit.   It was 17km all in and took 5 hours. 

Winds up there can be strong.  Elevation for the whole day was approx. 710 metres.  I think it is a great little starter for someone who is experienced in the hills, used to the trails and starting to develop their navigation skills. If you are used to Djouce, it is a great navigation starter heading over to War Hill.  If you feel confident, navigate your way to Coffin Stone. It is another little practice of navigation on your way over to War Hill. 

Djouce Mountain Hike – Planned my time by:

  • Preparing my route card
  • Used map OSI 56 1:50,000
  • Checking weather forecast
  • Packing all of the essentials
  • Notifying my contact person where I was going and my expected time to get off the mountain
  • Logged my hike at the end of it

I have started exploring the area further and have ventured further to other surrounding areas. More to follow. 


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