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The Gear to pack for a day in the Great Outdoors

Start with Dry Bags

I love dry bags and learnt early that I prefer the method of having a few dry bags in my pack and grouping my things in my backpack together.  Dry bags are great for the outdoors as they are designed to protect your gear from the elements and keep them dry!  Grouping your items especially in the wet conditions means that everything won’t be getting exposed multiple times in the rain. 

Hiking Gear / Waterproofs and Boots for the Great Outdoors

The Biggest Dry Bag

This bag consists of all my layers and clothing.  Check out my article on layers here https://altitudewithemma.com/how-to-layer-your-clothes-beginners-guide/

In this bag you will find:

2 mid-layers: a light weight mid-layer and a fleece. 2-3 pairs of gloves, 2 hats, 2 buffs, spare socks

Medium and Small Dry Bag

The Great Outdoors can be full of surprises so depending on the weather, terrain etc – I divide the following products into 2 bags

Map and compass, sunblock and sunglasses (no matter the weather or forecast), first aid kit, blister kit, scissors, antibacterial, whistle, survival bag, foil hypothermia blanket, head torch (always have it on you, just in case), tissues, plastic bags, tick remover, female sanitary products and a charged power bank

Bring food and more spare food! I don’t eat much when I’m on the mountains but I always have extra food with me just in case.  Have lots of water and spare. 

Waterproofs – essential for time spent in the Great Outdoors

Waterproof jacket and trousers – I always keep them in the bag either close to the top or the side zip (if you have one) so that I can reach him quick if the weather changes. I bring a full compliment of rain gear for both top and bottom.  Never leave home with out your waterproof gear regardless of what the forecast says!

If you have any questions on any of these gear items, then get in touch today!

Hiking Gear / Waterproofs and Boots for the Great Outdoors

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